Author : Jozef Stasík, Slovakia

The key is the local economy.

Financial source : ECB quantitative easing - The ECB started its non-standard monetary policy measures in March 2015.

Amount from 2015 : 2.7 trillion EUR + 1.1 trillion EUR for 2020. That's 11 400 EUR per capita in the Euro Area. Funds are not depreciated. It's a huge amount of money. The table shows the share of GDP in each state. The ECB used the traditional solution - distribution of money to the economy through banks. This solution failed. Money did not reach the real economy.

Amount for each state (Population x 11 400 EUR):

StatePopulation x 11 400 EURShare of GDP
Austria100 990 035 000 EUR25,34%
Belgium130 734 322 200 EUR27,60%
Cyprus9 985 237 200 EUR45,50%
Estonia15 102 948 000 EUR53,87%
Finland62 904 276 600 EUR26,11%
France764 119 747 200 EUR31,59%
Germany946 419 039 600 EUR27,55%
Greece122 234 071 800 EUR65,21%
Ireland55 908 176 400 EUR16,10%
Italy688 098 824 400 EUR38,50%
Latvia21 887 635 200 EUR71,82%
Lithuania31 853 697 600 EUR65,90%
Luxembourg6 998 391 600 EUR11,02%
Malta5 626 572 600 EUR42,60%
Netherlands197 016 658 200 EUR24,30%
Portugal117 153 433 800 EUR55,19%
Slovakia62 134 799 400 EUR65,98%
Slovenia23 722 351 200 EUR49,41%
Spain535 054 804 800 EUR42,98%

Different way? No one offers anything.

My proposal : Fair distribution directly to residents of cities and municipalities. It's not about helicopters money.

Benefits : Elimination of the economic consequences of the corona crisis, rapid economic growth, new employment opportunities, use of local resources, solution of the negative impacts of globalization in the less successful regions, revival of agriculture, fruit growing, gastronomy, crafts, food, alternative energy, light industry.

Distribution has 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Eurozone

In case of success:

Phase 2 - European Union member states

Phase 3 - EU accession countries

Phase 4 - Asia, Africa, Latin America

The distribution mechanism must meet the following criteria:

- fair distribution of funds for the population of all towns and villages, funds will go to the inhabitants of municipalities fairly according to the number of inhabitants

- funds in each municipality will remain permanently

- simplicity

- it must contain basic anti-corruption elements

- must be different from European funds

- it must not increase government debt

Drawing on the fund

The loans will be used gradually so that all the requirements of the first level are satisfied first, then of the second ... The lower level funds can always be requested.

1. housing for the homeless - limit, for example, 3000 euros

2. house construction - simple houses 100 m2 and 200 m2

3. photovoltaics, heat pumps and large capacity batteries - to ensure energy independence and to reduce heat and electricity costs

4. agriculture - use of robots for harvesting, for agricultural work, vertical farms, hydroponic, container crop growing

5. food processing - combine harvesters, processing lines, canning, packaging, automatic bakeries, restaurants

6. automated systems - bakeries, restaurants

7. 3D printers - development of modular products

8. robots to facilitate work - they can help people with housework, care for the sick

9. transport systems

About other levels will be decided by citizens.

Informing citizens about opportunities and benefits, using experience from other municipalities is very important.

It is possible to start the system in one country and gradually extend the model to other countries also outside the EU.

The EU must become a great power in the utilization of robotics. The EU must rich subsidize competitions for the development of robots for the most common tasks in households, construction building, agriculture, industry, services. Robots must be mass-produced. The EU must promote robotics and not be afraid of lost jobs. On the contrary,to replace all jobs with robots as quickly as possible.

3D printing - support for modular products where most parts can be printed on a 3D printer.

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